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Eurotec Environmental specialises in reducing an organisation’s Waste & Energy costs via smart technologies and solutions that enable them to cost effectively improve their sustainability, be more carbon friendly and to better manage their compliance
Using proven technologies such as the innovative Sterilwave ‘on site’ clinical waste solution and the market leading Behaviour Change service, Eurotec Environmental is focused on the delivery of sustainable, efficient and cost effective solutions to an organisation’s waste management and energy requirements.
Clinical Waste often carries a premium price for disposal, but by using our smart solutions our clients are able to access significant environmental and compliance benefits, whilst also maximising cost efficiency.

Specialising in the management of clinical waste streams, our aim is to reduce our client’s overall costs of waste disposal as well as significantly reducing their environmental impact.

Working in partnership with the NHS and world renowned FM organisations, we are confident that our solutions will revolutionise the way you view your waste.

The Game Changer in

Clinical Waste Management

Sterilwave is the most innovative ‘on-site’ medical waste treatment service seen by the NHS in two decades. Our modern waste process intelligently grinds then microwaves the waste into a sterile RDF/SRF
“flock” that is completely safe to handle and can be
disposed of as domestic waste or used as a high calorific
fuel source in Waste to Energy plants.


1) First Sterilwave Plant launched at Whipps Cross
Hospital in December 2016

2) Full Environment Agency approval of the
Sterilwave process achieved. No one else with a
similar technology has an EA Permit or is likely to
have one in the next 3 years

3) Improved sustainability, better compliance and fixed pricing.

“Sterilwave is the most innovative on-site medical
waste service that the NHS has seen in over 20 years” – Terry Hewwit, MD

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Behaviour Change

Eurotec Environmental works with the market leading specialists in Behaviour Change, Audit and transformational waste management who have delivered stunning results by supporting and motivating staff and, in the process, changed the mindset of thousands of people within the NHS.
Operating for many years in the NHS they have enabled large, well known Trusts to :-

1) Control and reduce their waste management costs

2) Be more Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

3) Improve Compliance and Health & Safety

Their philosophy is : “The secret of change is to focus : not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

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