Eurotec Environmental begins sustainability journey with Bouygues Energies & Services to provide Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust’s West Middlesex University Hospital with innovative and sustainable clinical waste management services.


Eurotec Environmental Limited is delighted to announce that we have entered into agreement with Bouygues Energies & Services for the supply of market leading innovative and sustainable clinical waste services to the West Middlesex University Hospital ( WMUH ), part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. These services will include the creation of the UK’s largest Sterilwave on-site clinical waste processing Plant plus the provision of the UK’s most established Behaviour Change programme.

Bouygues Contract Director, Lee Beard, said “We see this as the beginning of a journey with Eurotec Environmental that will take West Middlesex University Hospital forward to become one of the country’s leading sustainable NHS Hospitals. Sustainability in clinical waste is an area that is often overshadowed by the more glamorous green projects. However, with the government introducing AT and OW streams to help the NHS savemoney and become more sustainable, waste is now an area where substantial savings can be achieved by hospitals whilst at the same time also significantly improving their Carbon footprint and their compliance.”

Lee continued : “Making waste management more efficient, sustainable and compliant is something BouyguesE&S is at the forefront of . The established methods of dealing with clinical waste via incineration were too outdated and unsustainable for us. In addition, the challenges of regular staff turnover caused issues with staff’s ability to correctly follow “best practice” waste management procedures. By partnering with Eurotec Environmental, we now start the journey away from these inefficient traditional practices to a vastly more sustainable future for West Middlesex University Hospital. With Eurotec, Bouygues and the Trust working closely as a team, within 12 months we aim to have implemented the Behaviour Change programme across the entire hospital ( including the full roll out of the OW stream ) and to have set up the UK’s largest Sterilwave clinical waste processing Plant.



Rochelle Gee, Estates and Facilities Site Manager at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said : “We really excited about this wide ranging sustainability programme and believe it will provide real value to our Trust in a number of areas. We look forward to working closely with Bouygues and Eurotec Environmental to get these programmes quickly in place so that we can start to see the financial, sustainable and compliance benefits that these solutions will bring to our Trust.”

When speaking on the project, Paul Barker, General Manager of Eurotec Environmental said “The partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services is an exciting opportunity for us and, like Lee says, we also see this as the start of an important journey. Both Behaviour Change and Sterilwave have already proved themselves to provide the NHS with significant financial, sustainable and compliance benefits and we look forward to seeing West Middlesex University Hospital enjoy the rewards of these “best practice” programmes in the coming months and years.”

Barker continued “With the pressures that the NHS is currently under and the predicted population growth around the Hospital site it feels that the time is now right to start this journey and we look forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship with both Bouygues and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s West Middlesex site.”


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