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The Eurotec Way
At Eurotec Environmental, we are dedicated to delivering best of breed solutions to our client’s waste management needs via innovative technologies and methodologies.
Our Approach

Insight and Action

You can count on Eurotec Environmental to deliver tailor-made solutions to your clinical waste management and environmental requirements.


At Eurotec Environmental, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best in Customer Service. We believe in providing market leading Service Delivery backed by timely and relevant information via professional and friendly staff.


Our incredible staff have been comprehensively trained in building and maintaining incredible relationships with our clients, and client confidentialty will always remain one of our main priorities. Once your details are with us, they won’t leave us.

Quality Assurance

All Eurotec Environmental employees are trained to provide our customers with the highest levels of Customer Service and to understand why delivering our services in a professional manner is important to us as a business.

Practice & Process

The Sterilwave technology uses toughened rotary blades to grind waste material into a finely ground “flock” substance before microwave technology then sterilises this flock until the material is completely inert and safe to handle. This flock end product no longer presents any risk of infection or contamination and is accepted as a general waste that can be disposed of through regular waste disposal channels. However, we have selected to use the flock to create Energy from Waste.

We are very proud to have been certified by the British Standards Institute ( BSI ) to ISO 9001 Quality standard, ISO 14001 Environmental standard, 18001 Health & Safety standard and ISO 50001 Energy Management standard. Our processes are seamlessly integrated and meet with every one of these standards demonstrating our ability and commitment to working efficiently with quality, safety and environmental issues in mind. These certifications also give our clients confidence that all the products and services that we provide meet these stringent internationally recognised standards.

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