Below you will find a collation of questions we are frequently asked. We’ve done our best to answer the most common questions we receive. If you’d like to know anything more, please don’t hesistate to contact us.
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On this page we hope to answer all of your questions relating to the Sterilwave technology, giving you a greater insight into our process and it’s potential to benefit your organisation. If you have any queries that we have not covered here, or if you wish to receive further information regarding our Sterilwave Service, then please click the contact us link below.

Do you install a bin washer ?

Yes – We install a fully automated bin washer at all our sites. You will see similar washers at merchant plant sites. We also provide all 770 and 360 litre bins as part of the contract but as the waste is treated on-site these bins never need to leave the hospital premises. Also, it is likely that less bins will be needed as there is no ‘off site’ bin numbers in transit to contend with.

What are the space requirements ( footprint ) of each machine?

Each unit needs a 4.2m “cube” to operate; this includes the movement envelope of the lift and tip device which is integral to the machine. In many NHS case studies it is often the case that this space can be found in the waste yard or close by.

What is the realistic running time, including loading and unloading per kg?

When treating AT waste each cycle is 30 minutes. When treating OW the cycle time is just 15 minutes.

What is the power usage per Cycle ?

Consumption is 11 KWH per 30 min cycle. Less for the 15 min cycle. The cost of power is included in the agreed cost per tonne.

What is the delivery time from order being placed?

Each new site in the UK will require a full EA permit which we obtain at our cost. This is a requirement for every technology provider to comply with, not just Eurotec Environmental. In some cases where a new building is required, Planning Permission may be required ( but not always ) as hospitals are often seen as adding and removing processes over time. Both of these processes take about 12 weeks but because our process is not seen as a ‘burn’ or ‘high pressure’ technology we are seeing timescales being adhered to very well. These programme events tend to dictate the critical path of 16 weeks from order. All of our machinery is available to us from our manufacturers within 12 weeks from order so it is the EA and Planning activities that dictate our contract start date. At worst, our construction activities see a pre fabricated building, sterilwave units, washer unit and PC based tracking all being installed in a 5 week period. The Eurotec Sterilwave machines take just 3 days to commission and test to comply with the EA permit.

How easy is the Sterilwave to operate ?

The machine can be switched on or off at the touch of a button – no lengthy cooling down or warm up periods are needed. The system is not pressurised nor does it reach temps exceeding 120degC which is extremely important for processes being used on NHS Hospital sites. The EEL operator training level is comprehensive because whilst the Sterilwave and washer units are effectively auto controlled once a cycle has been selected, most of the operator training is associated with the important issues such as permit conditions, waste acceptance, spillage procedures, Health and Safety, client waste policies and any necessary interaction with hospital and Waste FM staff, EA inspection, and members of the public.

What do EEL require from the Hospital site?

We need the Hospital to allow us to use the agreed site area for a peppercorn rental fee for the contract period and that they will support the need to allow EEL to connect up to a metered 400v, 3 phase electrical supply, 230v single phase supply, metered domestic water supply and to the internal foul sewer drain system.

What is the end product of the Sterilwave process ?

Sterilwave produces an RDF “Flock” that is <6mm, non hazardous and very easy to store efficiently.
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