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Sterilwave is the most innovative ‘on site’ medical waste treatment service seen by the NHS in over two decades.
Our modern waste process intellligently grinds then microwaves the waste into a sterile RDF/SRF “flock” that is completely safe to handle and is used as a high calorific fuel source to power Waste to Energy Plants.

Our specially designed 770L bins are scanned and weighed and then placed in a “lift and tip” at the entrance to the Sterilwave, where the bin is carefully lifted and the waste slides into the Sterilwave processing compartment.
Once the waste has been safely placed into the Sterilwave, the lid is then manually closed by our Operators and securely fastened.

After closing the lid, our Operators commence the automatic process using the simple to use, ergonomic PLC.
The waste is then ground by a rotating blade traveling at high speeds of up to 1500 rpm. This grinding process reduces the volume of waste by up to 80% and converts the waste into an unrecognisable, sterile “flock”.
The grinding process has been been carefully optimised for UK Alternative Treatment and Offensive Waste streams. The bi-directional grinding with controllable motor torque means quick and efficient cycle processes. During this grinding process the waste material is heated to around 70-95c.

When processing an Alternative Treatment cycle, the waste waste material, now ground into fine unrecognisable “flock”, is then heated using microwave generators to a temperature of between 100c-120c which is maintained by the Sterilwave for 20 minutes. During this period, complete sterilisation of the waste takes place rendering the end product “flock” completely sterile and safe to handle. The sterilisation performed during this phase complies with all EU & UK regulatory standards and is permitted by the UK Environment Agency.
The resulting “flock” now weighs approx 25% less than in it’s prior state, is sterile and no longer poses any risk.

At the end of the cycle the “trapdoor” located on the lower part of the Sterilwave opens allowing the end product to be transferred into a Dolav pallet box. The rotating blades assist the transfer by slowly pushing the material out of the trapdoor and into the Dolav box.
No liquid effluents are generated by the Sterilwave process.
The “flock” is then used as a high calorific fuel in Waste to Energy Plants.

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