The Sterile End Product
Eurotec Environmental treats the waste on the producer site into a sterile, odourless, safe flock that is then moved off-site in 20 tonne loads in compactor units as non hazardous waste.

Sterile Flock

The end product of the Sterilwave process is a sterile “flock”.

This waste flock is unrecognisable as medical origin waste and can be designated as a Recycled Derived Fuel ( RDF ) or Solid/ Specified Recovered Fuel ( SRF ) with a Calorific Value ( CV ) of approx 14MJ/KG.

Our flock is used to feed energy from waste plants. It is, however, worth noting that this waste, once processed, could legally be taken to any landfill or municipal incinerator.

“Eurotec Environmental is significantly different in their approach to the provision of AT/OW treatment services.”

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